Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kaiser: A Poem for Children

This is a poem made for recitation by children. One of my friends gave the first two lines as a prompt (most probably, it was given as a school assignment for his child). The dog shown here was my pet 'Rocky'. No, he did not die so melodramatically; he just ran away.


There was a pet dog in my home
It's name was Kaiser.
In the lawn he would roam
Ready to show that he was a real fighter.

He barked aloud when men were at the door
But often he was too afraid, I am sure.
Just once, he barked in the night at four
We woke up to see a thief at ground floor.

Another day he called out to me
To show a snake on a tree.
Quite jumpy he used to be
But very dear to my heart was he.

Then one day he stopped eating
The next day he laid his head
On my lap and his heart stopped beating
And father said, “He is dead”.

But that is so wrong,
To say, “he is dead”
When, I can hear him bark for long
In the silence of my bed.

Author: Jims Varkey