Monday, September 9, 2013

Travel Poem: Many More Miles to Memphis

This poem was written for the Prompt of the Week competition that was held in Poets of G+ community of Google plus. The prompt was that each poem should be titled "Many More Miles to Memphis".
Many More Miles to Memphis
When I sit, I wince.
Back-pain is now hypnotic
past the age of pain
nothing hurts me anymore
except for a doll I saw
back in Memphis.

The searing road
prod long dead mirages
-a boy walks by his gaze fixed, motionless.
All I want is to lie by a shade for a minute
but the boy and the doll are persistent,

Someone once talked of
a travel being a self-discovery.
He never got off from his armchair.

My eyes hurt, I try hard to remember
the lines of a song.
My definitions of life has long run out
But, the road is where I belong to.

Author: Jims Varkey