Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Light

In the evening
near the pitched tent
a pastor preaches
about death and fire.

Near the lantern, a moth--
undecided, whether to fall for the light;
or for a mate

And the crescendo
going up the stage
sin and repentance
surrender and dancing.

Crouched near the lantern--
the lizard blocks, the way to the light--
not now, not now.

One more soul saved
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
a touch of the pastor's hands
Even the doubting believer falls!

In a second, plunge!
fire licks the moth's sole;
and in a flash, burns a brilliant light.

Before darkness, accountant has finished tallying
and the lizard is nowhere near the light.

The poem compares two aspects of life on earth: salvation and surrender. A man at a pastor's meeting who accepts salvation. A moth at the same time surrender everything, even his life to the light. 

I believe that the experience of the moth was the real one, he was totally consumed by the light! What the other person felt was an emotional manipulation....the crescendo..more than salvation, what we require is total and unconditional surrender...

....but none of these life changing events whether real or imaginary, changes anything in the macrocosm world, the business....the accounting and tallying continues unaffected by their experience.

Author: Jims Varkey