Sunday, September 22, 2013

The dim lit classroom

  A poem about education in India, set against the dreams that children have.

the sun
neatly tucked away
under the folds of clouds

and umbrellas
dripping near the aisles
tells a story of boys who are absent today.

Some more would turn up,
I know
just before the midday meals.

The pitter patter on the tin sheet has died down
enough to hear the teacher say
"Today, we finish off Shaekspeare

But children,
the Principal just passed away from the classroom,
so be quiet!"

At night, lying on her lap,
grandmas story have come to its logical end,
that of making me a dakitar.

my friend
thinks of opening up a paan shop
right at the junction where our roads meet.

Author: Jims Varkey