Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chain Poem: In The Quiet Of My Mind

The #ChainPoem was a concept that was developed at the Poets of G+ discussion section. The idea was that a poet would begin with a few lines, which would be continued and taken up by other poets, just like a Chain Novel.

 In The Quiet Of My Mind, i can hear
a big band play in sync
with the night of a thousand eyes
a zillion light years away.   [+Michael David Saunders Hall ]

I feel the pulsing soul
of the Creators vision.
Warbled through filters
of my own disposition.    [+Matthew Wright ]

Looking through the creator lens
I see as a speck that is me
with all my layers peeled
Naked like the day I was born. [+Jims Varkey ]

Co-Author: Jims Varkey